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the following is a full list of all non-developer commands that the bot has:

sp!8ball shakes an 8 ball
sp!about information about the bot
sp!avatar get the avatar of a user
sp!ban bans a user
sp!contributors view the list of bot helpers
sp!developer see who developers the bot
sp!djs manage your server's djs
sp!dm privately message someone
sp!earrape toggles earrape mode
sp!help bot command list
sp!howgay how gay is someone?
sp!imgur get an image from imgur
sp!join make the bot join a vc
sp!kick kicks a user
sp!leave make the bot leave a vc
sp!mcplayer get a minecraft player's info
sp!mcserver get a minecraft server's info
sp!neo big man neo
sp!nowplaying what's playing in the vc?
sp!pause pause/resume music playback
sp!pin pin/unpin a message
sp!ping view the bot's latency
sp!play play music in a vc
sp!poll create a user poll
sp!purge remove messages from a channel
sp!queue view/edit the music queue
sp!reddit get a reddit image
sp!resultsize change the search result size
sp!reward reward a player
sp!say say something as the bot
sp!search search for music
sp!serverinfo get info about a server
sp!ship ship two users
sp!skip skip the song in the vc
sp!spank spank a bad user
sp!speed no
sp!square emo european man
sp!suggest suggest a new feature
sp!super bruh
sp!terminal :pensive:
sp!textfile convert input to .txt
sp!time get the time
sp!tts send a tts message
sp!uptime see the bot's session time
sp!userinfo get info about a user
sp!volume adjust a song's volume
sp!weather get the weather
sp!website get a url to this